Sunday, 29 November 2015

Thoughts on the future of IT

I have just become a certified AWS Solutions Architect, and along the journey to becoming qualified a new perspective regarding the future of IT for the SMB market is slowly dawning on me.

In the past the standard procedure was to put kit on premise, and then to maintain it as hosting it / paying a provider was quite often more expensive.

Now however the market is changing and it no longer makes sense to put kit on premise due to the economies of scale and high resilience offered by hosting services such as AWS.

Couple this with the decreasing cost of internet connectivity, and the move to truly cloud based infrastructure makes sense.

I am currently designing HA systems that have little to no on premise infrastructure, with almost everything provided as a managed service.

This moves most of the cost into OP-EX, and reduces the TCO drastically, and seems to be a no brainer!