Monday, 20 June 2016

Let's Encrypt - Updating Cert on Amazon AWS Linux AMI

So I'm using Certs from Let's Encrypt ( for the web servers I run on EC2.
I'm also using the Amazon Linux AMI so that I have all the S3 tools etc pre installed.
Amazon's version of Python 2.7 appears to have some issues, but I managed to get round them by piecing together some guides on the web to get LE installed and working.

However, in the spirit of good practice, I ran a package update recently, which overwrote the changes I had made to get LE working, and borked the cert update process :(

The error I was getting whilst running the update command in debug was:

letsencrypt-auto: line 167: virtualenv: command not found

The suggested fix was to run pip upgrade then pip install virtualenv.

This doesn't work :( The fix was to do the following:

sudo easy_install --upgrade pip
sudo easy_install virtualenv

After this I was able to update the cert.

Posting here to remember it and in case it helps someone!