Wednesday, 30 November 2011

ResourceSpace and Static Sync

Some of our clients have a workflow which uses static sync to add the assets to ResourceSpace, but does not ingest them.

The assets are kept on a read only file share, and the users link to the assets within InDesign etc.
One of the problems encountered with this kind of workflow is how do the users find an asset on the file share from within RS?

To overcome this problem, I've written a simple plugin that will open a finder window of the folder that contains the asset.

The only thing you have to configure is the afp server path to the root of the share. This might work for smb as well, but I haven't tested that yet!

To install it, unzip the file and place in the plugins folder.

You can get the file here


  1. Does this only work on AFS, or can it work with SMB, NFS, etc.?

  2. mistake in my prior post - meant AFP instead of AFS. Any other protocols supported, or should I maybe do some dissecting and give you credit? :)

  3. Hi
    I haven't tested it with NFS, but with SMB I've seen an issue where specifying the filename on the end of the link gives the message that you don't have permission to access that folder!

    Removing the filename and just specifying the enclosing folder name works for smb. Interestingly I get exactly the same behaviour when trying it directly from the finder using connect to server.

    Feel free to play around with it!

  4. Hi there. We've been using the 'View in Finder' plugin for ResourceSpace and it works great with SMB.

    Interesting though is the behaviour mentioned above - with a Mac OS X 10.6 client, because the link includes the filename, it mounts an SMB volume with the name of the file that has nothing in it. If you strip the filename from the URL, it mounts a volume with the name of the enclosing folder, and you can find the file within.

    Interestingly, on Mac OS X 10.7 client, the link mounts the root SMB share, opens the enclosing folder, and selects the file from the link! Perfect! So 10.7 gives perfect behaviour with the plugin and SMB volumes.

    Sadly none of our workstations are on 10.7. Is there any way to improve the plugin so that it provides a different behaviour dependent upon the operating system? I.e. strip the filename on 10.6, but keep the full link on 10.7?

    We were hoping to try and make a version of the plugin that could also create a windows friendly link as well (not clickable, as browser security seems to prevent this on Windows - but something they could copy and paste). Will let you know if we end up coding it.

    Thanks for the amazingly useful plugin!

    1. Hi. sorry for the very late reply, I somehow completely missed your comment!
      I have been trying to solve the issue regarding different OS versions, but still no luck unfortunately.
      Did you get anywhere with a windows version?

    2. Hi, sorry for the late reply, I completely missed your comment somehow.
      I haven't been able to fix the issue with the different OS behaviour. Did you end up creating a Windows version?

  5. Hey there, Idle Fellow,

    I wasn't able to get the plugin working over NFS, but our server is set up over SMB as well, which worked great with the Finder Plugin. I set up SMB by clicking on the server icon on my desktop, selecting "Get Info", and copying the address OSX provides in the "Server" field. This didn't work for NFS, and I also tried variations on our NFS address – no dice :(

    I know Safari can trigger a finder open by linking to a URL, like:

    ... but this didn't work with the finder plugin either. It might be a good solution for NFS users like me!

    Thanks for you work, and let us know if you have any ideas for NFS!

    - AVArchivist

  6. Thanks for your feedback!

    There is a security block in safari that prevents remote sites specifying a file:// URI.
    This is why it has to specify afp:// or smb://

    I don't have any NFS shares to play with at the moment, but as soon as I get the chance I'll test the functionality with NFS and see if I can work out what's going on.

  7. Interesting – thanks for the info.

    Let us know if you make any progress sorting it out. I'll check with a few geeky friends for a solution, and will be sure to post if we get it working!

  8. I found you're plugin, I wanted to use it with an current (2013) installation of resourcespace, when I install the plugin the option (open file location) does not appear, can you point me in the good direction where to look?
    thanks in advance

  9. Hi, is the patch set correctly in the plugin for the network volume, i.e.: